Best Location Tracking Apps For Android And iOS

Best Location Tracking Apps For Android And iOS

“There is nothing permanent, except change”, said the great greek philosopher – Heraclitus. ‘Change’ is the way of life, and ‘change’ is life hereinafter. The era of mobile phones has thoroughly changed the lives of human beings inside-out. Within a click, we are now connected with our loved ones, talk to them and even see them, though being thousands of miles away. Innovation, thus, has brought us close enough to experience each and every moment in a close encounter. 

While innovation has served its purpose, men have also found ways to manipulate the information. For instance – if parents wished to keep a track of their children, children do not provide an instant reply. Sometimes, children ask their peers to share manipulative location details, to keep parents at the bay, away from their chilling mood. So, in this case, what would a parent do to keep a track of the kid? That is what this blog is all about. 

Here, we are providing you with some of the best tracking apps that are available on different operating systems such as – on android and on iOS. 

Before we begin with the list of the best tracking apps available on android and iOS, let’s take a look at the functions and benefits of using a tracking app. 

  • First of all, a location tracking app provides detailed information about the location of the target device.
  • These apps assist you to track the other device in real-time location.
  • Extends assistance to keep an eye on the site or location of your family members. Location tracking apps also help you to track a device that has been lost or stolen. Tracking apps do not only provide real-time locations but also help you to obtain a history of the past routes and whereabouts of someone.

Now that we know the functions and benefits of the location tracking apps, let’s see what options we have to ensure our family’s safety and security. 

1) Spoint - Family App for Safety

Spoint is rated as one of the best family location tracking apps. It tracks location through the use of Global Positioning System, commonly referred to as GPS. This tracking app, uses the phone location to properly state the location of the phone owner, thereby signalling every account of their travel detail, such as – where is the individual, the time of entry, and the route through which the individual reached the destination. It is for the safety of the family members that we need to be prepared with an all round protective shield, and the Spoint app becomes this shield for all of us. Spoint gives you detailed up-to-date information about all

members of the family. Spoint family location tracker app thus becomes a tool for parents to ensure their children’s safety and their protection at every level. Not only this, but Spoint also provides us with some of the best features for a tracking app such as; 

  • Real-time location tracking.
  • Geofence Alert – meaning notifying you when your family members or friends reach or leave any destination set by you.
  • Location History – Giving you a detailed account of the routes through which an individual reached or left a destination.
  • Chat facility – To keep you in loop with your loved ones.
  • Group Tracking – To make it easy for you to keep an eye at everyone at the same time.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Spoint app now. 

Android Download:

iOS Download:

2) FamiSafe Location Tracking

Another useful family tracking app is – FamiSafe Location Tracking. This app is also built on the same method as Spoint and uses GPS to track friends and family members. This family tracking app allows you to track your family members, around the vicinity. Users of this app can avail benefits of tracking location of multiple friends and family members at the same time. 

Moreover, here are some more features about the app. 

  1. Supported features such as – Screen timing monitoring, Blocking unwanted apps , Scheduling, detecting uncensored or graphic content
  2. App comes with compatibility with devices running on android and iOS systems.
  3. Geofence feature to ensure security of family members towards entering unknown and unwanted places.

Android Download:

iOS Download: 4

3) Find My Friends

This is a mobile phone tracking app developed by Apple Inc. and runs only on iOS devices. Formerly named as – ‘Find My Friends’, it was then combined with another iOS app – ‘Find My iPhone’ in 2019, and renamed to ‘Find My’. The app uses GPS location to track an individual’s location details. The app allows the user to lock the stolen or lost phone with a passcode, thereby ensuring safety of sensitive information installed within the phone. 

Android Download:

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4) Google Family Link

This is a family tracking and locating app developed by Google. The app allows parents to control what their children see on various digital platforms, by giving them access to obtain the view activity on the device. Not only this, the app also provides control over apps that are installed in the device. Moreover,the Google Family Link app recommends certain apps that are best suited for children, ensuring their safety and security. 

Android Download: ylinkhelper

iOS Download:

5) Zenly

Zenly is growing its global presence by allowing everyone to get convenient with location tracking and sharing location with one another. The app has been utilised by many organisations such as firefighter workers, Taxi Drivers, and others to make it convenient for them to go from one place to another by finding the best route as well as track others. 

Android Download:

iOS Download:

6) MSpy

With more than 400k active users, this app has acquired its place around the corner for being one of the best tracking apps. The app uses the latest technology of improved GPS tracking, to check the whereabouts of an individual’s device. The app is compatible with android and iOS devices and tracks call logs, text messages, web history, social media and gallery to ensure safety. 

Android Download:

iOS Download:

7) Find My Kids

Particularly designed to keep a track of children, this app provides good support and assistance for working parents. The app provides real-time tracking and location detection, while providing emergency features such as SOS and messaging. The main feature of this app is that it provides a poking feature wherein parents can alert their kids

Android Download:

iOS Download:

8) FollowMee GPS Tracker

Another user-friendly family tracking app is FollowMee Gps. This app provides chatting and tracking features for parents to ensure the safety of their kids every time and everywhere. The app is supported only on iOS version 7.0. Not only this, the app also gives parental control to download and access web browsing history of their kids. 

Android Download:

iOS Download:

9) Google Maps

Who does not know Google Maps? Used by more than a million users, this app gives you a real-time location tracking access, thereby making it a recommended choice for tracking your loved ones. Along with the tracking, the app also provides you with tons of details about various destinations by studying your taste and choice of visits.

Android Download: en

iOS Download:

10) Life easy 360

The name says it all – Life Easy 360. The app provides your family with an easy and comfortable life around 360 degrees, by helping them be aware of unwanted places, junctions and destinations. Apart from tracking real-time location, the app provides a private map for you and your family to share on the app. Moreover, the app provides you all-in-all upgraded features which are similar to the apps mentioned above.

Android Download: =en

iOS Download:



While the identification of ‘Whatsapp’ has been that of a social media and communications app, it has acquired for itself a place on this list due to the ability to share the device location and chat simultaneously. While using ‘Whatsapp’ is far more convenient, the location tracking technology has to make a mark. 

And here we have given you the options to choose the best security for your family. Whatever you choose, make sure that you consider all things of safety and then conclude your decision with a good app!

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