A Quick Guide About The Geofencing Feature In Location Tracking App For Safety

Geofencing is a technology that allows mobile applications to enable précised location-sharing. In simple words, it uses the user’s location and sets the geographical boundaries to provide apt data. It works as a virtual boundary around real-life locations such as a café or an airport. Having a geo-fencing feature in your phone location tracker for the safety app enables you to receive notifications whenever your family or friends leaves or reaches a particular destination updated by you. Thus, the geofencing feature makes the functioning of your mobile application much accurate for tracking live location.

How does Geofencing work?

Geo-fencing uses a phone network or WIFI triangulation, or else GPS. It does not need hardware as it comes in a software feature form to integrate into a cellphone application and can be handle through an online dashboard or API. Geofencing is usually observed to cover an area between 50 to 50,000 meters in radius making it a reliable technology for tracking through location tracking app for safety. However, any mobile application that is using the geofencing feature requires access permission from the user to track the location and send the alert notification about the user.  

Benefits of Geofencing feature in an app


Even though there is a bit of discussion over the privacy violation of people’s rights but as the technology goes, it has a positive role if used in control. For example, wouldn’t it give you peace of mind when your kid or loved one is traveling late at night, but you’re well-aware of their location? The geo-fencing feature in a family safety location tracker gives a sense of security and safety to the user.

Keeping a track

Some companies use geofencing to monitor their employees to alert them if they enter any unauthorized area. They also use it to realize about their employees meeting offsite. This way, they rest assured about their staff being working and not wasting time outside.


The geofencing technique is used by several businesses as a marketing tool. It helps alert their target audience about the new products or upcoming discount offers. The software enables the companies to use their customer’s mobile location data to target them with personalized information whenever they enter a specific location.

Social Networking

Several social networking applications are using geo-fencing to offer their clients or users top relevant information. It also keeps users aware of the latest happenings in their specific geographical area and keeps them updated with the current news in their locality. Geo-fencing is not an exclusion, and it helps you get quicker and precise results, thus, helping you make better decisions. 

If you are looking for the best location safety tracker app that offers geo-fencing alerts with live location tracking, check out the Spoint – location tracker app for family safety. The app offers excellent features like live location tracking, geofencing smart alert, and previous location timeline history, making it easy to stay connected with the people you care about the most. 

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