Choosing the best family tracking app for Android and iOS

Choosing the best family tracking app for Android and iOS

One of the major concerns of parents while allowing their children to roam around with their friends, is – the increased number of crimes in the neighbourhood. According to the United Nations Statistics Division, crime in the past ten years has increased from 19% to whopping 32% in the whole world. Thanks to the increasing modulations and cyber criminals, the world has now become a place of speculation and fear. 

While it is not parental to restrict a kid of his or her freedom to explore and engage in adventurous trips with peers, what we have to take care is that we are there for their help, every time and anywhere! 

The internet has a wide range of benefits, but somehow individuals have tracked only the usage of its non-beneficial factors. This however can be changed by accessing and providing access of useful applications and browsing sites to the children. One such application that can be proved beneficial in terms of protecting your loved ones is a Family-location tracking app. These apps are developed with an aim to provide a clearer picture of where does an individual go, at what time, through which route, and to meet whom. The basic function of a mobile-phone tracking or a location tracking app is to find out information about a particular device and alarm the allied device in case of any danger or eerie situation. To help you choose among the best family-tracking apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS, we have come up with a good list of top ten apps. Let’s take a look at these. 

1. Spoint

Spoint in no time has become the talk of the town. One highlighting feature of this app is that it has made tracking and connecting with your loved ones an easy task. Spoint is considered to be one of the best free family tracking apps, because it is spot on and accurate. Designed keeping in mind the safety and security of your loved ones, the application makes use of Global Positioning System or GPS and provides real-time tracking of the connected devices. Not only this, but the application because of its compatibility with Android and iOS devices has no limitations, thus giving you full access to track an individual anytime and anywhere. 

Apart from all these factors, Spoint provides geofence alerts, meaning – it notifies you whenever your children or your loved one reach or leave the destination that is set by you. Moreover, you can access all the location history, as well as allows you to chat with your loved ones with seamless connectivity.

Android Download:

iOS Download:

2. MSpy

Another app that provides seamless and hassle free tracking is MSpy. This app allows monitoring of the individual by the means of GPS tracking and messaging. Not only this, but the app also works in the background mode, as well as provides activity updates of the targeted phone in every five to ten minutes. And for your convenience, the app supports multilingual conversation. 

Android Download:

iOS Download:

3. Zenly

Zenly is growing its global presence by allowing everyone to get convenient with location tracking and sharing location with one another. The app has been utilised by many organisations such as firefighter workers, Taxi Drivers, and others to make it convenient for them to go from one place to another by finding the best route as well as track others. 

Android Download: S

iOS Download:

4. uMobix

uMobix like its name is an unique location tracking app, which provides a variety of features such as – phone call and text messages monitoring, live control panel, ingressing image gallery in the photo and many other such features. 

Website Link:

5. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy comes with a touch of advanced tracking control system, by means of providing a separate software for parents and others. This software tracks online activities of the targeted devices, while operating in hidden mode. Not only this, but the software also identifies and prevents installation of dangerous apps and entry to unknown websites. 

Website Link:

6. Spyera

While this application is similar to all other applications mentioned above, one thing that differentiates this app is that it is designed in a way that can be liked by kids. Thus, there would be no disagreement over installation of the app on any device. 

Website Link:

7. Mobile Tracker Free

This app allows accessing incoming and outgoing messages, coming from sites and apps such as Facebook or Whatsapp. An added advantage is that it tracks the targeted device without even rooting it. Also, the app enables an individual to track the live position of the target device. 

Website Link:

8. Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker

Geo Tracker enables an individual to switch maps from Google to Yandex. This allows you to get access to the detailed map of the area. Thus, making it one of the best phone tracking apps that calculates track statistics. 

Android Download: l=en_IN&gl=US

iOS Download:

9. Family Locator

As the name suggests – this app provides tracking solutions for all family members and friends. This is done by allowing the individuals to view real-time location of the Circle members on a private family map that is only visible to a private circle. 

Android Download: =en_IN&gl=US

iOS Download:

10. GPS Phone Tracker

This application is only supported on iOS. This app allows tracking and following of other people, to see and keep a track of where your loved ones are located. The app allows you to select the time frame to see the movement of the targeted device. 

iOS Download:



While the identification of ‘Whatsapp’ has been that of a social media and communications app, it has acquired for itself a place on this list due to the ability to share the device location and chat simultaneously. While using ‘Whatsapp’ is far more convenient, the location tracking technology has to make a mark. 

So, here’s the list. Skim through these and decide, which one suits your preference!

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