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Everything you need to know about the live location tracking and GEO-fencing with Spoint

Spoint is your family safety app that ensures parental guidance and child safety by tracking their real-
time whereabouts. The app is not just limited to family and friends, but can also help Schools (to track
students), Companies (to track on-field employees), Event Organizers (to track their crew), etc.

Download and install Spoint app from the Apple app store or Google play store. Allow permission to
your contacts, media, and location to start locating your loved ones.

The core feature of the Spoint app is your loved ones safety.
It is further classified by creating a group for families, friends, colleagues, etc. to track their live location
at once, to set real-time smart GEO-fence alert, to browse location timeline history, and in-app chat

Using Spoint is simple and easy for all aged group people. Simply set up your account, and start using
the below features;
* Home
To locate the ones who matter to you, to see smart notifications, and to change map types.
* Groups
To create a group of your family, friends, and colleagues to check their real-time location at once.
* Chat
To initiate a conversation with your Co-Spoint members to socialize and connect with them 24/7.
* Profile
To edit your account, set GEO-fence destination, see your followers & who do you follow, and
everything about Spoint.

Create a group and invite your loved ones whom you want to track. Once they accept the invitation and
set up their profile, you both will be able to track and be connected to each other 24/7.

You can add custom places and save it for your other members reference. This will help the other
members to set Smart GEO Notification for you.

Smart GEO-Fence notification notifies you whenever the other members of the group enter or leave any
particular destination that is set by you.
To activate these notification, you need to visit the members profile page and activate it for each.

Note: To set smart notifications for others, make sure they have set locations for themselves like Home,
Gym, Office, etc.
member you wish to.

Timeline is reffered to as Travel History. It shows a detailed route of a member of that particular day.
From 12 midnight, to 12 midnight. The detailed timeline includes the time when the members started
moving, the route they took, the places they stopped, the time when they resume again, and the time
and place where they finally reached.

Groups are nothing but what the word defines it. To start tracking others live location, you first need to
create a group and assign a name to it. Example: Family, Friends, Office, etc.
Once you create a group, a 6 digit code will be assigned to the group and with the help of this code, the
other members can join the group.
All the members in the group can see each others location.

The battery consumption is anywhere between 2-8% of a full charge, considering 8-9 hours of
movement in a day.

Spoint not only offers you a tangible benefit of locating where your loved ones are, but also the core
immaterial benefit like the Peace Of Mind and Trust Reassurance.

Spoint is very secure. It is probably the MOST secured app in the market. User security and privacy are
the two major issues we addressed while creating Spoint and chosen Google servers for authentication.

Yes, Spoint app is available globally to use.

In this case, his/her followers will be able to see the location with a red background. And, also the
profile page will denote that the user has turned off his/her location services.

Go to your Profile and reach out to the 'Menu Icon' settings, and then click on Subscription' and
Currently, there are only 1 premium option available with benefits like;
1. Create two or more groups for tracking a set of people at once.
2. Multiple GEO-fence smart notifications.
3. Location timeline history of users up to 30 days.
Enjoy all the above three features at just INR 99/month.

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