Nothing Can Replace Safety

Spoint simplifies your daily life in this digital age
by making it easy and fun to stay connected to
your loved ones 24/7, no matter how far you are!

No Fear Of Probabilities

Life and Love both make you curious. But gone are those days when you had no other option but to call or message your loved ones to know where they are. Spoint – an Indian app, makes it easy for you to rest assured about their safety by locating their live location without disturbing them while they are in a meeting or driving.

A Group For All

When we want to see where our loved ones are,we want to
see all of them at once. Don’t we?
Spoint’s new group feature makes it easy for you to locate
all your family, friends, and employees in a set of groups, so
you can track them down from one screen.

Instead of switching various profiles to see everyones
location, you can simply open your family/friends group
tosee all your family members or friends real-time

You can do this with your college friends group, office team,
and every type of group. It saves your time and delivers
more fun.

Live Location Tracking

Family is the greatest treasure one has. For most of us, the
number one priority is nothing but to keep our family safe
and sound, no matter where they are, and react promptly
in case of an emergency.
This can only be possible when we get to know where our
families are at all times.

With live location tracking, you track daily movements and
real-time whereabouts of everyone in a particular group.

You are now just one click away to rest assured about the
safety of your loved ones and let them be too about yours.

Instant GEO-fence Alerts

How about receiving smart notifications whenever your
loved ones reach or leave any destination set by you?

Spoint uses the Geo-Fencing technique to allow parents to
mark locations (destinations) for their children and elders.
So, whenever the family members enter or exit boundaries
of the geo-fence location, they receive a smart notification
within the app to get acknowledged.

It also helps in minimizing the frequent calls and messages
only to know where the family members are.
With this instant GEO-fence alert feature, you acquire a
great peace of mind by being updated about the daily
movements of your loved ones.

They say 'safety is not something you hold in your hands,'
but we had different plans.

Detailed Location History

It’s hard to find a way to keep an eye on our children and
elders while we are far away from them.
Spoint’s location history feature is a great way to keep a
track of all the places they have been to throughout the day.

It basically tracks the whereabouts in real-time and saves
them accordingly one after the other. So at the end of the
day, one can get all the places visited within a specific
time period.

By browsing the location history of our family members on
Spoint, we can track and be composed of their daily
routine patterns.

Initiate Conversation

Conversations are key to exchanging thoughts and ideas
and listening to each other. It is all you need to understand
and get clarity about what the other person thinks
and believes.

Spoint effortlessly lets you start a quick chat to socialize
with your loved ones. This adds more fun to your location
tracking tool.

You can now communicate in a group and drag others to
join you in your fun time. Connect with all at once.

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