How working parents can monitor their kid’s remote learning?

During this pandemic time, the education system of kids has evolved rapidly especially with the introduction of the hybrid model or remote learning system. Being working parents, it’s difficult to monitor your remote learning kid. This has been a lot of concern for parents whose kids are attending remote learning lectures while they are at work. There are many ways parents can monitor from phone location tracker for safety to scheduling their day, parents do a lot for their kid’s protection and care. That is why we want to share some tips to make you feel better about leaving your kids home to attend classes while you’re at work.

Rulebook & Expectations

Children are known to be notorious, and some of the kids work best when they are provided with a set of rules and regulations to follow. Have a family discussion about what you’re expecting from your kid during their remote studying session as you won’t be available during it. To help you better work with it, you could set an electronic time duration for your kid to access the remote learning site during their specified class time. Making some rules and schedules for your kids will ensure that they do what’s expected and also would help imbibe discipline in their life. 

Schedule their Bedtime

As we all know, how unpredictable their previous school year has been so they might tend to feel as if the vacation session is still on. So, while getting them ready for their remote learning classes, you should treat this as a traditional school session with scheduled sleep time and wake-up times. Just like you enforce during their traditional school setting, work with your child to implement their sleep routine and wake-up routine as you plan to manage it while at work. 

Visual timetable

In the current times, several children have visual school timetables when they attend an in-person lecture. Using this concept, you can create a visual timetable that’s placed in your kid’s room or next to their study table. You can include in this schedule their lunchtime, school hours, playtime, and chore time so that your kid can be responsible and at the same time independent, while you’re at work. Also, if you have two or more kids, a visual timetable can let your older child assist your younger one thus, enabling them to learn remotely while you’re working in your office. 

GPS Tracking app for safety

Above all, one of the easiest ways for working parents to monitor their kid’s remote learning is through installing GPS mobile tracker app for safety in their kid’s smartphone. This enables you to know where exactly your kid is while you’re working thus, giving you a sense of relief to work worry-freely. Though you set rules for your kids to not leave the house, you can still keep a close eye on your kids through it. One of the best location safety tracker apps is Spoint which enables you to keep your family safe. Believe me, it’s worth a try!

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