Which tracking app suits your needs better?

Which tracking app suits your needs better?

In this fiercely competitive era, everyone is obsessed with possessing the most valuable things and the pride of owning them. However, there is an asset that can’t be evaluated or even replaced. It’s our family and friends. The pride of being in our life can’t be contained. Thus, we must protect them at all costs. Being aware of their current location is one of the ways to ensure they are safe. A Mobile Phone Tracking App like Spoint is a good way for that. It is a GPS Tracking App that has life-saving features like Track My Location that helps our folks know where we are or where they are.

There are many such apps available on the android platform that help us stay up to date with the location of our closed ones:

1. Spoint

 A highly efficient Phone Location Tracker App, has advanced features like Geofence Alert that notifies you if your family leaves a location set by you, builds private networks, tracking daily movements, etc. You can even build your groups and private networks with a specific set of people.

2. ESET Parental Contro

A very handy GPS Phone Tracker App that helps in getting the location of your children, it also can real-time updates about the movements of your children. A very interesting feature about this app is that parents can keep a check on the applications accessed by the kids and also their web browsing history.

3. Parental Control App & Location Tracker - Famisafe

Another application like ESET and one of the best in its segment, apart from having an activity tracker and location tracker, Famisafe has advanced features like restricting the installation of specific apps, detection of suspicious texts or pictures.

4. Phone Tracker by Number

This Mobile Location Tracker App is extremely useful owing to its flexibility. It works with all mobile networks. It has one special feature of knowing the battery charge level of your family members. It uses both GPS and mobile tracking to maximize accuracy.

5. Waze

One of the most popular Location Tracking Apps is Waze. Apart from the regular features, it also gives traffic updates and helps you locate the cheapest source of fuel around you. It also allows you to play music while you’re using the app.

Well, here comes the end of the list. While there must be several other apps available online, these out of several have the potential to be fierce competitors. So, go on and try these apps now! 

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